By Chris Gilmour

Take a deep breath. It’ll keep you calm – and do it before every question, too, to give you time to think.

They’ll tape you on the intercom. So think before you speak. And ask who they work for.

Never send a stand in. They’re here to see you. Hiding makes you look guilty or ashamed. 

Don’t slam the door. It’ll look like you’re angry. And don’t hide behind the door. You’ll look secretive. 

No comment? No way. If you must say something, say: “We’ll look into this and get back to you.”

Keep your hands down. Covering up for the cameras makes you look shady. 

Keep clear of the windows. Peering from behind the curtains makes a great photo – you look like you’re hiding. 

Stick to your message. Establish three key points. Use words like investigate, seriously and appropriate. Every answer comes back to those points. 

Set up an interview. Say you’ll answer questions but ask them to step off your property and you’ll talk to them by the gate in a few minutes.

Call your PR advisor. You’ll need their advice – and they’ll come to give you back-up.

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