Only Crisis
The Problem

One of Britain's best known and most loved entrepreneurs had a short love affair which would have severely damaged his reputation had it reached the ears of the media.

He came to us for crisis management advice and confessed "I've been a fool. I love my wife and now I am being blackmailed. What should I do?"

The Solution

The entrepreneur in question deeply regretted his infidelity, not because his affair was about to be exposed but because he truly loved his wife and daughters.

He showed us the blackmail letter. It said "I want £50,000 or I am going to the press. Pay up or suffer the consequences."

There was only one thing to do - report the matter to the police. We arranged for him to meet with a very senior police officer who took over the case.

The policeman had been round the block a few times and he knew exactly what was required - a quiet word in the blackmailer's ear.

She was warned she would be prosecuted for attempted blackmail if she took her story to the media.

Needless-to-say, the story never reached the media's ears and to this day the entrepreneur remains happily married with his reputation intact.