We are Only Crisis Management and we deal with more situations on behalf of companies, business leaders and public sector organisations than any reputation management consultancy in the UK.

Every day our crisis PR team controls and contains incidents which, if they became public, would severely damage a company's brand, an individual’s reputation or an organisation’s credibility.

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Crisis Management Outcomes

No one has more crisis management experience than Only. You can trust us to:

  1. Manage the crisis so that the outside world remains unaware there ever was an issue.
  2. Provide crisis PR so any negative impact is much less than originally feared.
  3. Restore a battered brand’s reputation, re-establishing credibility on the internet and in the press and broadcast media.  

If you are worried about an existing or impending problem and require our services, please call our hotline now on 0800 612 9890.

Reputation Management

We offer a 360 degree service including online reputation management as well as issues management in the traditional press and media.

Our remit can cover everything from malicious attacks on social networking sites to full-blown exposes by investigative journalists.

We are also called upon to provide crisis PR following incidents such as product recalls, factory closures, industrial accidents, terrorist threats, blackmail and incidents of a sexual nature.

Let our case studies show you what we can do.

We monitor hundreds of websites, social media platforms, blogs, discussion forums, online news sites, newspapers, TV and radio stations every day of the year.


Our Crisis PR Team

We have assembled a high-powered team of specialists.

Our team includes experienced crisis PR experts, battle-hardened former print, broadcast and internet journalists, highly-skilled social media networkers as well as smart web programmers.

Our entire online reputation management team is on standby to protect and defend you 24/7, helping you with everything from creating a full-blown issues management strategy to framing crisis communications messages for the media, your investors or employees.

If your company is already suffering from online reputation damage, we will get to work to remove offending references from the internet and bury them where they will no longer be seen.


Crisis management Hotline

Our hotline is manned 24/7. Call us on 0800 612 9890 or email us today.


Chris Gilmour

Chris Gilmour

Tel: 0800 612 9890
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