Dunblane Masacre Crisis Management Case Study

On a dreary March day in 1996, a crazed gunman entered Dunblane Primary School in Scotland and killed 16 children and one teacher before committing suicide.

Within hours of the shooting, the world's press and media descended on the small Scottish town to report on the tragedy.

We were called in to provide crisis management support by Stirling Royal Infirmary, where the dead and injured were brought. A crisis plan we had prepared in partnership with the hospital months in advance, was immediately swung into action.

Within hours we had set up a media centre for the hundreds of journalists, supplying them with everything they needed from refreshments to regular information.

We organised several briefings a day from doctors and hospital staff to keep them informed about the health of the children who had been shot but were still alive.

We managed a visit to the hospital by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and months later Stirling Royal Infirmary was awarded £1m by the Sun newspaper for its exemplary handling of the incident.

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